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Unequal Distribution of Wealth

In 2010, America’s highest earners (the top 10%) made up 44.5% of America’s total earned income (the top 1% earned 18%). The rest of us Americans made up a mere 15% of the nation’s total earned income.

Wealth and income inequality is one of the great political issues of our time. Today, our nation is globally ranked number one with the highest unequal distribution of wealth and income. Historically, America’s wealth distribution has not been this disproportionate since the Great Depression. 

Compounding wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer people will turn our Democracy into an Oligarchy (a country ruled by a small group of people), or possibly even a Plutocracy (a country governed by the wealthy). Economic inequality is a threat to our liberty as Americans.


Reuben D'Silva is a retired member of the United States Marine Corps. Use of his military rank, decoration, or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

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