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Criminal Justice & Community Violence

“Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration” should be the foundational values in reforming our broken criminal justice system. As a nation, we should avoid strictly punitive approaches to offenders and instead, develop more remedial and humane methods to rehabilitate. I do not support the death penalty. We must aim to curb youth violence and work to create and fund innovative, engaging, and easy-to-access programs to uplift at-risk youth.

I grew up in a gang-ridden Las Vegas neighborhood where crime, violence, and lack of opportunities were rampant. At the age of 9, my younger brother and I witnessed a drive by killing outside of our bedroom window. I have been unconstitutionally frisked numerous times, manhandled by police officers, and understand firsthand the tense relationships communities have with law enforcement.

Many of my close friends have lost their right to vote as a result of felony disenfranchisement – a status that evolved over time from petty issues. Today, I teach high school history and coach sports in the same neighborhood I grew up in. Having lived in inner-city environments all my life, I empathize with the everyday trials facing our inner-city populations and will make addressing them a top priority.

When elected to Congress I will:

  • Support efforts that justly reduce the prison population.
  • Help the formerly incarcerated reintegrate into their communities.
  • Combat recidivism.
  • Stop the “schools to prison pipeline” and address discipline issues in our schools (which disproportionately affect minority students).
  • Support ending “for-profit prisons” in America.
  • Promote just sentencing reform and battle against mandatory minimums.
  • Strengthen relationships between the police and the communities they serve.
  • Support and provide resources for local public defenders’ offices.
  • Continue to support programs akin to President Obama's “My Brothers’ Keeper” initiative.
  • Ban "the Box." 



Reuben D'Silva is a retired member of the United States Marine Corps. Use of his military rank, decoration, or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

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